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At Natdry Mexico, we believe in preserving food as a value-added asset for your business. Natdry is an innovative food drying company focused on service and quality. We specialize in dry produce for a variety of food and beverage sector uses, contract manufacture, and packaged products. Our services are tailored to each client’s requirements.

1. Dried Foods

To ensure that fresh, bio-available and flavoursome produce can be rehydrated in a functional and convenient manner, we utilize state-of-the-art drying processes, including freeze drying, spray drying, texturization, and traditional oven drying. In addition, we can custom-build equipment to fit your needs.

2. Commission Drying

Natrdry also offers solutions for specialist requirements, including the drying of foods that are sensitive to heat, shelf time, oxidation, or shearing, among other factors.

3. Packaged products

Are you planning to create a new dried food product or need a new solution? We can take you from initial concept to product launch.

Our team works to meet your market-specific flavour, bioavailability portion, and packaging needs.

For new product ideas, we can assist you with the provision of top-quality food, novelty product development, and the creation of your own dried product system or brand. Take advantage of our customized service to take your ideas from concept to launch, with expert assistance at every stage of the process.

We focus on dry nutrition, ensuring that food products are both nourishing and tasty.

Our professional team accomplishes this by selecting goods from trusted and proven suppliers.

For detailed information, please contact us at:

Vancouver: Max Kuri +52 55 3973 2840 or via WhatsApp +1 (604) 781 1601